Tuesday, May 31, 2011

He's Alive!

Reports from sources inside of Libya have confirmed that Muammar Gaddafi is still in fact alive and leading his army against the rebel held city of Misrata. This is on the eve of reports that British special forces troops have been deployed in order to help rebels pin point targets for air strikes. Gaddafi remains defiant and confident that he will regain control of his country.

It seems that Gaddafi is being two-faced when it comes to his leadership role in Libya. On one hand, he gives speeches railing against "western aggression and imperialism". On the other hand, a delegation from South Africa has been in talks with the controversial Libyan leader over a possible ceasefire agreement. In my opinion, Gaddafi's two-faced approach is just another attempt for him to buy time. If Gaddafi can act as if he might agree to a ceasefire, then other nations (the west) will ease up on their air strikes over Libya. That is the key for Gaddafi. When the Libyan civil war ends, it ends the need for western involvement. Gaddafi knows this and that is why he needs to stall for much needed time.

Rafah border crossing between Egypt and Gaza opened.

It's official, after wide speculation Egypt has laid the way for the Rafah border crossing between Egypt and the Palestinian territory of Gaza to be opened ending Egypt's long compliance with Israeli blockade of Gaza. This move by Egypt's post-Mubarak government has led to justification of Israel's concerns with the new Egyptian government ,which since the departure of  President Mubarak has been more pro-Palestinian.

With the opening of the Rafah crossing, I believe the security concerns for Israel and that region have increased immensely. This is so because with the combined Egyptian and Israeli blockade of Gaza broken, there is a potential for arms to be smuggled through this border into the hands of the terrorist organization, Hamas. It will be interesting see how this move by Egypt will effect future relations between these two countries and to the middle east as a whole.


Greetings Everyone

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