Sunday, February 12, 2012

Athens Burns.....again

Sunday marked the beginning of a new infusion of violence and unrest for Greece. Greek lawmakers today passed once again another major austerity bill in order to secure another EU/IMF bailout. This marks the second time Greece has made sweeping cuts in order to save the nation from its sovereign debt crisis.

Greek citizens once again have taken into the streets with wide spread violence, looting, and overall unrest. As Athens burns the IMF, which receives a substantial amount of its funds from the United States, plans to give another bailout package.

As civil unrest has plagued Greece for almost a year now and has already seen major changes in its leadership, one must think how long this nation can survive at this state without substantial or dare say radical changes. This past year has been a rocking one to say the least in regards to the crisis in Greece and Euro crisis that has followed. The technocracies of Greece and now Italy have led to roller coaster like European Union. Can the EU survive this now elongated crisis or will Greece and the other "PIGS" truly bring down the European experiment?

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