Friday, February 17, 2012

Less than China??

This Tuesday the Obama administration made a shocking announcement; weighing an option to cut are strategic nuclear weapons arsenal by as much as 80%. That would leave the number of warheads at levels that would sub-cede China which has an estimated arsenal of 300 nuclear weapons.

Frankly, this moves puzzles me and makes me wonder if the Obama administration is just using this as a political tool rather than a sincere policy decision. What Mr. Obama either ignores or fails to see is the effects this would have on our first strike capabilities. Even with the unlikelihood of nuclear war with one of the major nuclear powers, it is still imperative that we do not lose our first strike capabilities. First strike capabilities is essentially when one nation has enough nukes to launch a first strike taking out the opposing nation's arsenal.

President Obama must re-think this strategy in order to keep America a strong legitimate superpower in the world. If our nuclear arsenal is reduced to the levels that he is considering, than we have a more dangerous prospect of showing weakness to a rogue nation like the DPRK which could bolster its resolve to develop more nuclear weapons.

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